4th Grade- Razzle Dazzle!

Mrs. Ames (one of the 4th grade teachers) came to me with a great idea for an art project.  She had been gifted some large, funky, panels of wood that had been their own art installation at one point in time.  The plans had been lost on how to put them together and she thought it would be fun to create SOMETHING with them…  It was her idea to paint them in RAZZLE DAZZLE style.  Razzle Dazzle was the form of disruptive camouflage that they used to paint war ships with during World War 1.  They weren’t sure how to camouflage something at sea where the colors were always changing, so they decided to try painting disruptive camouflage all over the ships so the enemy would be confused about how big the vessel was, how fast it was going, and in what direction it was moving.  The kids LOVED the idea.  They first made practice panels that became their own installation in the hallways, and then they painted the funky boards in the same fashion.  Then my ever patient husband installed them outside in the school yard. They look great.


IMG_1197 IMG_0495 IMG_1009 IMG_1007 IMG_1008

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  1. How wonderful to see a wonderful 2D project become a successful 3d Outdoor project. Other grades’ projects continue to impress. Looks to me like you’re loving this time with your students and on a roll!!!

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