6th Grade- Blind Contour Drawings turned Wire Sculpture

Last year (sorry I am just now updating) I had the 6th grade students draw blind contour drawings of themselves. A blind contour drawing is when you draw something without looking at the paper.  We then took the funky drawings and turned them into wire sculptures by laying the wire on top of the drawing and bending it to match the lines on the paper.  I find that doing blind contour drawings with 6th graders is a great way to get them to really learn how to look at something without being intimidated by what comes out on the paper.  The wire sculptures were a fun element to add to the project!

IMG_1277 IMG_1278 IMG_1279 IMG_1280 IMG_1282 IMG_1281 IMG_1276 IMG_1275 IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1272 IMG_1271 IMG_1270

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